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Wireless Internet

If you live in the rural are
around Greenville, You might
want to checkout our
PTP wireless internet.
It is a always on hi speed
alternative for those unable
to get other forms of
broadband access.
It is a line of site technology
so trees and terrain may
affect availability at your

Access Internet Services

We offer a variety of internet connectivity and hosting options. No matter where you live we can get you connected to the net. We care about our customers and it shows with our personal support. You get to talk to some one who cares, not a person in another country who could care less about your issue. Give us a try, you won't be disappointed.

Web Hosting

Host your site with us !!
We will cater to your needs.
ASP. PHP, Static , Databases
Registration, Design, Email
We do it all at low costs.
Web hosting starts at the
low price of $10.00 per month.
Full service with email is
a incredible $20.00 per month.
Yearly discounts offered.

Dial up Internet

Dial up has been around for years.
It is still a reliable basic connection.
If you just need email and basic web
browsing, low cost dial up is the
way to go. We can have you set up
in a few minutes with a phone call
and have you on the net.

DSL Internet

DSL is a high speed Internet connection delivered through your existing telephone line. Itís easy to use, affordable, and reliable, and unlike dial-up you can surf the Internet and download at high speed while talking on the phone. To get up and running, youíll need a DSL modem, which we provide, and your regular phone line. (note: Your phone service must be with AT&T or Verizon) With DSL youíve got an instant connection with no dialing up or logging on ever required. Your DSL connection is always on and ready for use. Use our pre qualification tool to see if it is available at your address.

Satellite Internet

Enjoy broadband internet access at your rural location with Wild Blue satellite internet. Our certified technicians will professionally install the satellite system and configure your computer or router for internet access. With speeds up to 1.5 MB/s You can enjoy everything the internet has to offer. Tired of waiting ? Give us a call.

DSL PreQual tool

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